The murder of Chaim Weiss – is there a child sexual abuse angle?

Chaim Weiss - picture 2The murder of Chaim Weiss – is there a child sexual abuse angle?

Last week I was contacted by Detective Captain John Azzata from the Nassau County homicide department regarding the murder of Chaim Weiss. Chaim was a 15 year-old student at the Torah High School on Long Beach, Long Island. He was brutally bludgeoned to death as he slept in his dorm room bed on Friday night, November 1, 1986.

The murder has never been solved. No one was willing to furnish the police with any useful leads. In a yeshiva with 140 students that ate, studied, prayed and socialized together, not one person admitted to seeing anything, hearing anything or knowing anything about Chaim’s murder or murderer.

When police entered Chaim’s room, his body had been moved, a yahrzeit candle had been lit (on Shabbos) and the window to his room had been opened on a frigid November night. (Opening a window is in accordance with the Orthodox custom for the deceased.)

The case was so profoundly disturbing that it was featured on Unsolved Mysteries and written about by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Daily News and numerous other publications.

The Weiss family is still devastated by Chaim’s murder. They still grieve and mourn his loss. They still contact Detective Captain John Azzata every week asking if anyone has shared with him any information.

What happened to Chaim is every parent’s worst nightmare. What makes it even more painful for the Weiss family is knowing that someone has information that could identify Chaim’s murderer and no one will share that with the police.

The Torah commands us “Do not stand by while your neighbor’s blood is shed” (Lev. 19:16). It is way past time to end the unimaginable suffering of the Weiss family and Chaim’s aging parents. If you have any information at all about Chaim’s murder, now is the time to call the police.

Perhaps you know someone who was a student or teacher at Torah High School. Maybe you know someone who knows someone who was. Please share this post with as many people as possible.

Any tips can be shared completely anonymously by calling 800-244-TIPS. There is a $25,000 reward available.

You can also contact Detective Captain John Azzata at 516-573-7788.

If you don’t want to contact the police directly, you can contact me at

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    Please keep up your holy work in trying to find the murderer of this innocent jewish child.
    according to Jewish tradition the NESHAMA of a murdered Jew has no MENUCHA until and unless the
    murderer is brought to justice ,
    From day one and from the get-go i had no doubt that this was an inside job perpetrated by someone either from the student
    body or more likely from the faculty
    please keep up the heat and don’t stop until the vile murderrer is aprehended and brought to justice ,CHAZAK V’AMATZ

  • Craig Jauvtis

    What irked me about this if true was that the school refused to notify the parents due to the Sabath. I can understand not using the phone but if it is walking distance could they not just walk there. I do agree there might be a sexual assault behind this murder. Horrible tragic story

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