UPDATED – Help Identify Alleged Child Molester, Moshe Friedman

UPDATED 7/20/16-
The NY Daily News has just reported about Moshe Friedman and included a picture of him. http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/brooklyn-math-tutor-busted-molesting-student-article-1.2718757
Moshe Friedman - picture 2
The allegations in the police report (which I have) against Friedman are much worse than what the NY Daily News is reporting in their sanitized version for public viewing. I hope that if Friedman is convicted, the corrupt Brooklyn D.A. doesn’t give him probation or a few months in jail like 80% of the convicted Orthodox child molesters in Brooklyn get. Thanks to Yerachmiel Lopin of FrumFollies for helping me publicize this case.
This is the original post:
According to the records of the New York State Court system, Moshe Friedman (approximately  31 years old) was arrested in January, 2015 on 2 felony child sexual abuse charges. He is alleged to have abused a young boy at the Bobov (48) yeshiva located at 4206 15th Avenue in Boro Park. I believe he was a special ed teacher, but have not been able to confirm it.
I have a copy of the police report (which I am not free to share). What Friedman is alleged to have done to the boy is indescribably shocking. The report contains the most sadistic child abuse allegations I have ever read other than the Elior Chen abuse case in Israel (Elior Chen – sentenced). The Israeli judge in the Chen case said that it was the worst child abuse case in the history of Israel.
Friedman’s case is still languishing in the Office of the Brooklyn District Attorney while he is out on bail. In spite of the severity of the charges, there is every possibility he will get a sweetheart plea bargain with little or no prison time and perhaps without even getting lengthy probation and placement on the sex offender registry. Unfortunately, the Brooklyn DA exchanges leniency for ultra orthodox political support. Worse yet, Haredi leadership is more interested in protecting offenders than sparing Haredi children.
Friedman is being represented by noted defense attorney, Arthur Aidala, one of the highest-priced criminal defense lawyers in Brooklyn and a political mover and shaker. Aidala also defended Baruch Lebovits together with Alan Dershowitz (Baruch Lebovits – Dershowitz sued). Freidman’s high-priced lawyer makes me wonder if some important people are backing him.
I don’t have a picture of Friedman and as there are many Moshe Friedman’s in the world who have no connection to this case, it would be helpful if someone can send me a picture of the Moshe Friedman who has been arrested.  
I usually don’t write about specific Orthodox child sexual abuse cases. I prefer to focus on the rabbis and Orthodox institutions who regularly protect and cover-up Orthodox child molesters as being the true source of the unchecked plague of abuse in our communities.
However, knowing the Brooklyn D.A.’s long, sick, history of giving convicted Orthodox child molesters little or no jail time, I want to try to publicize the Friedman case. In the event that there is a conviction, perhaps the increased publicity might make it  more difficult for the Brooklyn D.A. to deliver its usual sweetheart deals. If the D.A. does sign on to a sweetheart deal, the media will be alerted to the severity of the crimes.
Friedman’s next court hearing will be in Brooklyn’s Supreme Court on Wednesday July 20. The judge on the case is Raymond Guzman. The assistant D.A. is Deanna Michelle Paul.
If you have any information or photos of the Moshe Friedman who worked at the Bobov yeshiva in Boro Park, please email me at ericpjk@gmail.com
Eric Aiken is the owner of www.protectjewishkids.com and is an advocate for Orthodox victims of child sexual abuse. “The List” on his website contains the world’s largest database of known Orthodox child molesters.

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