Disclaimers & about “The List”


I firmly believe in the principle that those accused of crimes are innocent until proven guilty. As such, I do not expressly assert on this site that any of the accused who have not been convicted in a court of law are necessarily guilty.

Individuals who are found in “The List” page have publicly available information about them linked next to their name. I make no claim that the articles or reports are truthful or accurate. I am only republishing publicly available documents and media reports. Although most individuals listed have been alleged or convicted of abuse of a child, there are some who have been alleged or convicted of abuse of an adult. Do not assume that anyone in “The list” falls into the category of child involvement until you verify the supporting documentation carefully.

There are 3 “status” categories in “The List” – “Convicted”, “Arrested” and “Not charged”. When individuals have the word “Convicted” or “Arrested” next to their name, I am not stating that this is true. I am reflecting what one of the attached reports or documents alleges about that individual. I don’t know if this information is accurate.

When someone is listed as “Not charged”, it means that they have not been charged with a crime. The reason they are listed is that their name has come up in a publicly available media report and I have republished that report next to the individual’s name for informational purposes only. I do not allege that the listed individual has done anything wrong or committed any crime.


If you think someone should be put on “The List”, please send me the person’s name and any links or attachments you have to indicate why you believe they should be listed. I can be reached at ericpjk@gmail.com

ACCURACY IS CRUCIAL – I need your help.

The information that I have written next to an individual’s name is based on the attached reports. That information may be wrong or outdated. If you have corrections, updates or recent photos about anyone, please email them to me so I can reflect it in “The List”. It is my goal to have the information on this website be as current and accurate as possible.

PLEASE NOTE – If someone has the word “arrested” next to their name, it is entirely possible that they have subsequently been acquitted of all charges or that the case was dismissed. They are listed as “arrested” only because that is the most recent information that I have about that individual based on the attached report. If you have any update about this individual’s case, send it to me immediately. I will update the listing to reflect that individual’s new status, whatever that status is.

There are many individuals for whom I cannot find photos. Many people in the Jewish community share the same names. Without a photo, it may be difficult to differentiate someone in “The List” from a completely innocent person that shares the same name. Do not assume that you know someone in “The List” when the person you know may be someone else entirely.

Any comments that I make on this website are reflections of my personal opinion and belief. They are not statements of fact.